Frequently Asked Questions


Q : How much do your services cost?


A : Each wedding is unique and your wedding could cost a little less… or much more depending on Venue, Locations and Travel. Please write to us giving details of your wedding and we’ll do our best to suggest and charge you for exactly what is required.

Q : How big is your crew?

A : Our services are tailored to your wedding, and so is our crew. We have a team of two to twenty. We wouldn’t compromise on production value so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

Q : Do you guys travel?

A : Yes we do! All over the world in fact,Price will vary according to location (Accomadation and travel expenses, etc. will be included in Price) 

Q : How is your work different?

A : We are professional organization with more than a decade experience in the entertainment industry. Kerala Wedding Photography™ has dedicated directors, cinematographers, photographers and project heads leading the work with state of the art equipment. And all these when put together with loads of passion will create magic in the world of wedding imaging.

Q : In case we have some specific requirements for photos and video, can you take care of those requirements?

A : If you have some specific requirements on Photos & Video, you can always brief our director who can take care of the same.

Q : What kind of albums would you be giving?

A : Designed in today’s style and printed on high-grade non-tearable laminated sheets, these premium albums are a treat to the eyes and are lasting forever.

Q : Album delivery?

A : Processed photographs will be submitted in a fortnight. Based on the photographs selection from the client’s side, we would take 20-25 days to design & print the albums. We will ship to any locations (Price will vary according to locations)

Q : Do you shoot only Hindu Weddings ?

A : No, we enjoy shooting for any religious wedding. In fact the varied traditions,Western style and rituals fascinate us the most in shooting these weddings.

Q : What are the payment terms?

A : To confirm the order we take 30% advance payment.50% on the wedding day and the balance to be paid before the album delivery.

Q : When will you deliver the wedding teaser & Highlights?

A : 20 – 25 days after the final shoot.

Q : What is Candid Photography?

A : Some precious moments are best captured without the knowledge of the subject. These can be the emotions of the bride, silent admiration of the groom, the joyous laughs of the friends, the tearful eyes of the mother etc.

Q : Can you make a film for occasions other than wedding?

A : Being born, growing old, falling in love and even losing a loved one are epic moments for all of us. Write to us and if there is a story to be told, we would do our best to tell it. We are willing to experiment and try out new things.

Q : Can we recommend the music for the film ?

A : Yes, in fact we recommend you to select the music you want.

Q : What are the copyrights for the images and video you shoot?

A : We reserve the rights of all the images & video we shoot. And retain the right to use any of visuals in our website or any other promotional material for our company. Though we don’t give any visuals outside this.

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